Trepcamp community

We are a community of extraordinary people sharing a common mission: empower aspiring high-impact entrepreneurs and help them acquire the mindsets, skills, and experiences needed to have a meaningful and positive impact in the world.



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The atmosphere offers plenty of scope for personal development.

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Recognition on our website as part of our Global Network of Partners.

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Access to our global network of investors, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurship events.

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Access to TrepCamp’s Global Demo Day pitching event.

Find out The roles you can play
at trepcamp

During the short period of 3 weeks, from June to August, in situ.
You will have an ephemeral opportunity to provide a significant difference to aspiring high-impact entrepreneurs that have worked hard to be part of the Entrepreneurial Simulator.



Embrace the opportunity to guide a team of young adults to solve a global challenge by supporting them through a mentoring process

Main responsibilities

  • Guide one or two teams on how to develop their innovative solution that will be related to an area of your expertise.

  • Connect your mentees to your network and/or to the entrepreneurial ecosystem so they can find resources for the right development of the project.

  • Help your team to prepare for the pitching event: TrepCamp’s Demo Day.

awaken ideas, refresh minds

As a speaker, enjoy the opportunity to inspire a group of international young entrepreneurs and empower them to make bold decisions and take risks in order to make a meaningful impact in the world.


  • Share your story, talk about entrepreneurship-related topics or present today’s industry trends to motivate and empower the participants to tackle global challenges in the most innovative way. 



discover the next
diamond in the rough

As an investor, you will have the chance to lend your critical eye and expertise, assessing the characteristics of new projects and providing feedback. Your knowledge is critical in determining the best of the best startups in one of the world’s largest communities of entrepreneurs.


  • Attend TrepCamp’s Demo Day and participate as an investor judge along with other entrepreneurship experts.

  • Evaluate and provide feedback to the teams and their business ideas to decide the best startups of each program.

Let your company be your storyteller

Share real life experiences to knowledge-hungry high-impact entrepreneurs. Open your doors and let the participants learn about your company by first hand.
A visit to your company will let them see that big ideas actually turn into a reality!