TrepCamp was founded in 2013 as part of the Mexico-U.S. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC), with the main focus of preparing aspiring entrepreneurs to acquire the right competencies as they embark on their entrepreneurial journey. The program uses a unique methodology based in the Entrepreneurial Competencies Model™, which is the methodological heart of TrepCamp.

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In 2014 a pilot test was launched in which 85 people from different universities in Mexico were selected to spend 3 weeks at UC Berkeley to develop their entrepreneurial skills. The pilot program was so successful that in 2015 it was scaled to 250 people in 5 different universities in the US: Berkeley, San Jose University, San Diego State University, NYU, and Washington University.


Additionally, an online program was developed where 10,000 aspiring entrepreneurs participated and during summer 2016 and the best 500 participants traveled to the US to a life-changing experience in the Advanced Program, but this time in 7 different universities: Seattle University, Berkeley, San Diego State University, San Leandro University, NYU, Georgetown University, Boston University.



Create bridges between people and organizations to the most exciting entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. We more than 15,000 aspiring high-impact entrepreneurs on understanding, developing and strengthening their entrepreneurial competencies

Fernando Sepulveda


Founder & CEO at TrepCamp, the leading training program for aspiring high-impact entrepreneurs; and Co-founder at Impulsa Business Accelerator, a professional services firm providing powerful solutions to help start-ups, emerging companies and medium sized businesses to transform and grow.

As the Co-Chair of the Diaspora Committee within the “Mexico-Us Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council”, he creates bridges between people and organizations to the most exciting entrepreneurial ecosystems in the world. This partnership has established the foundation that allows Mexico, US and Canada to be market leaders in an increasingly competitive global economy and ensure mutual prosperity.

He is president of North of California chapter of the AEM (Mexican Entrepreneurs Association) that creates businesses opportunities that promote progress and innovation, by strengthening ties and developing programs that help and guide bi-national business people and young entrepreneurs to become global leaders for their companies’ growth.