We offers biodegradable bags which provide no side effects on health, are eco-friendly and will be infused with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants.  




Is your last minute delivery service, which will allow travelers to earn extra money by taking advantage of the trip they are already taking and at the same time creating a community of trust between those who transport and those who send a package.




Travex is the go to data based platform that is intended for both to travelers and local guides to offer better service and connect with each other easier and quicker.




Is a virtual and voice interactive tour guide, an app that gives you the information you need, based on your real time position and in your own language.




Is a platform developed to offer children augmented reality games that stimulate physical activity. Connecting through a wearable, kid ́s data is monitored and sent to parents. In this way kids have fun and stay healthy!