What is TrepCamp?

 What is the entrepreneurial Simulator?

The Entrepreneurial Simulator is a 7-week training program (taking place from May to August each year), divided in two stages. 

The first stage is a 4-week online program in which you will start your entrepreneurial journey by mapping the ecosystem you are traveling to. You will also learn about Emerging Technologies and Megatrends, you will meet your fellow treps and choose a group of global challenges you would like to solve.

This first stage is followed by 3 weeks in the actual ecosystem where you will solve the global challenge you chose by creating an entrepreneurial project with your team, supported by an Entrepreneur in Residence, mentors and other talented entrepreneurs like you.   

Why TrepCamp is the leading training program for entrepreneurs?

Our experience defines our method and the participants support our quality. We envision TrepCamp as a way to tough entrepreneurship and guide participants to the right path. We see an entrepreneurship as an extreme sport, in order to make the great jump you need to have the proper preparation, because the stakes are high.

We believe that the power of entrepreneurship is the main force to the most important changes in the world.

What are the different Ecosystems?

  • New York

  • Boston

  • Silicon Valley

  • San Diego

  • London

  • Mexico City

  • Miami

  • Madrid

How is the program different on each ecosystem?

The big difference is the clusters that the program has on each ecosystem. However, TrepCamp’s program curriculum is the same across all ecosystems. Never the less, the program’s content is unique due to its pre-work, the activities, the Entrepreneur in Residence, the workshops, mentors & speakers, the visits to landmark organizations, and the Demo Day. 

What are the dates for each ecosystem?

Every summer we offer different programs during the months of June, July & August.

What is the format of the learning experience?

Online Stage (4 weeks) : Prepare for the program by doing an online stage. In this part of the program you will analyze and research the entrepreneurial ecosystem you chose in order to have a greater knowledge of the area and to be able to understand the clusters and megatrends. That will allow you to identify business opportunities and plan future scenarios according to one of the three types of challenges (Impact, next generation or technology) you will solve during the program.

On-Site Stage (3 weeks): Once you are in the Ecosystem you will be guided by international mentors, to develop a Conceptual Entrepreneurial Project (an idea of a startup) that you will pitch to a panel of investors in the Demo Day. Each day you will participate in lecture, and workshops to acquire knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to start your own business; we encourage teamwork as a basis to achieve success in any project.


The content of each On-site week will be divided in 3:

Week 1 - Visualization: The first week on-site
During this first week you meet your team, the Mentors and your personal coach: The Entrepreneur in Residence. 

Week 2 - Ideation: All hands on deck
The second week you and your team will create an innovative solution with what you learnt the first week of emerging technologies and the megatrends.

Week 3 - Prototyping: Put the pieces together
This last week you and your team will take all the knowledge learnt through the program to create the conceptual project. You’ll also learn how to structure and present a pitch.

At the end you will attend to a graduation ceremony in recognition for your performance. To see the complete entrepreneurial journey, visit https://issuu.com/trepcamp/docs/advanced_program_issuu.

Does the Entrepreneurial Simulator end with the graduation?

No, because if you are one the best projects during the program, you have a chance to participate in the Global Demo Day, an international contest where your will expose your project and the winner will be able to make his project a reality.

What is an Entrepreneur in Residence?

A successful entrepreneur that has experience not just as an entrepreneur but also as a leader, coach/professor, speaker, and CEO of it’s own companies. With them as your instructors you will acquire their experiences, knowledge and skills to become a high-impact entrepreneur.  

If I have a startup or entrepreneurial project, can I participate?

Yes, however it is better if you come with an open mind and try to apply what you learn in the program to your startup afterwards.